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Think Bear Creek Rubs for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The holidays are in full swing. I receive great satisfaction from giving gifts. Largely this comes from planning and selecting just the right item for a particular individual. It is helpful that our extended families like to cook. For years, as new young families were formed, the gift was cookbooks. However, once Pat and I decided to create our meat rubs and spice recipes we began adding our jars of rub to Christmas stockings.

Our rubs not only make great gifts but can enhance your meals and holiday gatherings. They can become the seasoning you select for your meats, vegetables, and casseroles. For example, I chose to roast a turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner. I brushed melted butter on the defrosted turkey then liberally put Lemon Pepper rub over the bird. We cooked it on the grill in a large metal roasting pan. I placed three cups of water in the bottom of the pan, added one cup of lemon juice before adding the turkey. It was covered tightly with foil and cooked for a little over two hours. We set the grill on low and waited until the temperature registered 400 degrees (be sure to check the grill frequently to ensure the temperature remains constant). Cover the roasting pan tightly with foil prior to placing on the grill. My turkey was fully cooked in a little over two hours.

If you are looking for a unique small gift for a stocking stuffer look to Bear Creek Rubs for ideas. They provide wonderful gifts for the cook or griller on your gift list. There are individual, as well as two and three jar sets to choose from.

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