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Judith Bartmann and Patricia Day are the oldest and youngest sisters in a family of four. Judith’s career has been in academics, teaching in universities from Colorado to Florida. Her field is Human Services and her expertise is Gerontology. At each university she noticed that similar basic recipes had very different flavors resulting in a dish that was specific to the area.

Patricia retired from the USDAFSIS as a Consumer Safety Inspector. During her postings throughout the western United States she had the opportunity to sample many different regional dishes. She always collected recipes that spoke of regional flavor.

Two sisters. Two very different careers. They worked to live, now they work for love. Their families are grown and they're now retired; this gives the sisters time to indulge in what they enjoy—COOKING. For years they were constantly trying new recipes and often found them bland. After many trials and discussions about their recipe experiments, Patricia developed the five different rub/spice combinations Bear Creek Rubs offers.

In 2016, it was time to see if others would enjoy their meat rubs as much as they do. Once they decided on containers, they mixed the first batch of spices and went to the local Farmer’s market. The response was AMAZING.

Judith and Patricia have learned that food is enhanced by the addition of different spices. Bear Creek Rubs' mission is to provide our customers with high quality, healthy ingredients and custom blended spices and rub mixes.

Bear Creek Rubs headquarters in beautiful LaGrange, Wyoming

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