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Cabin Fever !!

Do you ever feel like no matter what you are doing, you are out of step? It’s been like that all week in my house! I’ve been out of step on the days of the week. Thankfully it is Sunday as I’m writing this so I can start off knowing what day it is!!

Part of my problem is it’s warming up each day and I have cabin fever. I want to get outside and dig in the dirt, get my garden ready, make space for lots of vegetables. It’s also time to get the grill cleaned and ready. I am going to introduce one of our two new products next week. So, all of you grill masters get your grills ready!! I promise your Taste buds will be singing next week.

I’ve included a few time saving tips for your perusal. Hope they are useful. See everyone next week!!


Time Saving Kitchen Tips

  • Wear diving goggles while slicing onions to make the job tear free.

  • To keep ice cream cones fresh place the stack of cones after opening, in an empty clean Pringles potato chip can.

  • Add a dash or several dashes of hot sauce to ground beef when making hamburgers. It brings out the flavor of the meat.

  • When measuring solid shortening or peanut butter for recipes, line the measuring cup with plastic wrap and form it to the inside of the cup. Measure the required amount and just lift the edges of the wrap to dump the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Toss the plastic wrap and no more cleaning is required.

  • Out of butter or margarine for grilled sandwiches? Spread the bread with mayonnaise and grill just as you would with butter.

  • When preparing pasta casseroles that call for onions and celery, add the chopped vegetables with the pasta to the boiling water, They will be tender and no dirtying another pan.

  • When a recipe calls for using a ball of dough in the cup of a mini muffin pan and pressing it up the sides to form a crust, then dip a shot glass in flour and press. This is a perfect fit and makes the dough nice and even.

  • Wear a pair of inexpensive white cotton gloves when splitting hot biscuits or handling other hot foods. This prevents burns and the gloves are easily sanitized by adding them to the next load of white laundry.

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