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February Duo Special!

For the month of February, we are promoting our duo of Smoking Blue Bonnet and All American. When you order be sure to include the Promo code FEB21 to receive the 10% discount.

Smoking Blue Bonnet provides a subtle, smokey taste for beef and pork chops. We regularly use it with brisket and shredded meats for sandwiches. It is also great with breaded recipes. I use one tablespoon per cup of plain breaded crumbs. This can certainly be increased if you would prefer a more intense flavor.

All American is our signature rub. We use it with everything, various cuts of meat, vegetables, casseroles, and chip and vegetable dips.

We like it especially with fish and in chicken and use it as a marinade for larger pieces of meat, and in breading recipes. With chicken and fish, I coat the pieces of meat with butter and sprinkle liberally with All American. Another favorite is roasted potatoes. In late summer when potatoes are setting on in your garden or available in the store, thoroughly scrub the potatoes, dry well, coat well with melted butter and sprinkle with the All American. You can use regular potatoes just cut in small pieces and prepare as you would the small potatoes. The same technique works well with any roasted vegetable.

We always love to hear from you!! Let us know how you use our spices and feel free to share your favorite recipe and pictures.

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